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Working at Home Using Computers or Telephone Is Better Than Working in the Office

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Traditionally, it was universally accepted that working in the office better than working at home using computers or telephones, since working at home using computers or telephones lacks the formality and seriousness of work. But nowadays the pendulum has swung in the opposite direction, since a soaring number of people, me included, are convinced that working at home can be effective replacement for working in the office. Because we can avoid spending much time on traffic, increase our creative ideas and cripple companies’ cost.

We all understand that, in contemporary, most cities encounter the traffic problems. To some extent, traffic jam prohibits the cities’ development. Every day, we spend a great mass of time on route. The more time we spend on the bus, the less time we spend on working. However, if we working at home, it will not be a problem. To illustrate, I always get up at 8 am and then sit in front of the France window, drink milk, look at the motor vehicle outside the window. At this moment, I remind the time when I was struggling with the congested bus to go to office at 6 am. But, now, at about 9 am, I start my computer and begin to work. Hence, it is reasonable and advisable to work at home instead of wasting time on route.

Another equally important factor is that working at home can a creative ideas and inspiration. Provided working at home, we can stay away from the overpressure. And we can attain a free, comfortable working atmosphere. Cozy environment is to creativeness what water is to seeds. As long as sowing in the comfort area, the creative seed can bud. For instance, the researchers, who at Peking University, investigated fifty companies and then made a conclusion that oppressive environment and stern management regulation will repress the creative ideas. Undoubtedly, working at home is beneficial for us to gain creative ideas.

In addition, working at home can decrease companies' expenses. Companies used to spend much on...


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