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Hunters in the Snow 1

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Unlike most stories, Hunter in the Snow is understood best by analyzing the three main characters and the secrets they are keeping not only from the other characters but from themselves as well. Tub, Kenny, and Frank are the three very different characters that have had certain experiences that have led them to the where they are in the story.   The three friends are going hunting, something they seem to have done more than once, and the reader gets to experience them as they try to hide things from each other and when they finally spill everything.
Tub is the sensitive one from the very beginning. When Kenny and Frank pick him up for their trip they almost hit him and seem to think it was funny but Tub gets offended and upset and tells them they could have hurt him. All throughout the story Kenny makes fun of Tub and how fat he is and how he cant keep up. Tub has told the other two characters that he has a disease that has kept him from losing weight and that his size is not his fault but the reader figures out his lie but the authors choice of describing when Tub eats a fattening meal while the other boys are ahead of him. Tub has deceived not only the other two characters but himself as well. He keeps telling himself that there is a reason he is like this and its not his fault but he desperatlely wants to tell someone and wants help. After Kenny has made fun of Tub many times and shot a dog for no apparent reason, he threatens to shoot Tub next and with all of his anger Tub shoots Kenny without even thinking. Throughout this story Tub has convinced his friends that he is quiet and harmless but we come to find that he has built up anger and only wants to find a way out. Its not until the very end of the story that he finally tells Frank his biggest secret and Frank’s opinion of Tub completely changes.
At the beginning of the story Kenny makes a comment to Frank about a babysitter and Frank gets angry with him. As the reader, we don’t understand what they are...


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