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Ap World Unit 5

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I. Chapter 20: Northern Eurasia
• Japanese Reunification
⁃ Internal/External military conflicts, political growth/strengthening, expanded commercial/cultural contacts
⁃ Daimyo: warlords during disunity; Samurai: army of warriors; shoguns: hereditary commander of army daimyo pledged to; warfare common and most successful Hideyoshi who invaded mainland and took over peninsula and Chinese province of Manchuria but withdrew after his death; Korea = China influence/Confucian state and printing press; Korea devastated by invasion as royals laid claim to taxable land so taxes fell but China = weakened Chinese garrisons allowing Manchu oppositions to consolidate, invade Korea compelling Korea's Yi to be a tributary state, and possessed Beijing later on;
⁃ Tokugawa Shogunate after Hideyoshi which improved economy, trade, roads, political unity, rice exchanges (rice for $$), samurai transformed into educated consumer class (state tried to protect samurai by curbing merchant independence but failed); Successful time period technology and artisanship wise; wealthy   merchants allied with daimyo/shogun, weakening strict control, and merchants = future to modernization/development of heavy industry
⁃ European contact = problems/opportunities; gunpowder revolution initiated as West arms better; welcomed trade but strictly regulated and exported precious metals; Christian missionaries: ordinary not noble favored; new shogunate hostile towards Christianity, persecuted, and ordered end to European trade though some Dutch on island and got western information from these Dutch (Dutch studies); restricted # of Chinese ships that can trade with Japan though harder to enforce because regional lords = wanted trade/dominanted islands between Japan/korea
⁃ Population growth strained central Japan; Inability to stabilize rice prices and halt economic decline of samurai also destabilized though laws tried to regulate but hard to enforce so merchants = powerful; used Confucianism...


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