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Quantum Computing

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As we can see the size of our computers transformed from desktops, laptops , netbooks , rolltops……..etc here is a new world of technology which can drastically decrease the size of our computers……may be from MACROs to MICROs!!!

A new computer processor based on science of quantum mechanics was created at the research institute of the University of Michigan. This will be the starting point for the new generations of processors. These processors are responsible for quantum computing.

Quantum computing Technologies based on Principles of Quantum Theory. Quantum computing is the combination of quantum computer and quantum theory (atomic and subatomic) levels. Quantum computer is a device which is used for computation that makes the direct use of quantum mechanical phenomenon such as entanglement and superposition to perform operations on different kinds of data. The quantum computer, following the laws of quantum physics, would gain enormous processing power through simultaneously. If the silicon atoms are well separated, they are all independent of each other, so they behave a bit like quantum wells

A technology of quantum computers is also very different. For operation, quantum
computer uses quantum bits (qubits). Qubit has a quaternary nature. Quantum mechanic’s laws are completely different from the laws of a classical physics. A qubit can exist not only in the states corresponding to the logical values 0 or 1 as in the case of a classical bit, but also in a superposition   state.
A qubit is a bit of information that can be both zero and one simultaneously (Superposition state). Thus, a computer working on a qubit rather than a standard bit can make calculations using both values simultaneously. A qubyte is made up of eight qubits and can have all values from zero to 255 simultaneously. “Multi-qubyte systems have a power beyond anything possible with classical computers.”


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