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Emerson- Spiritual Laws

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Three Spiritual Laws
Coexist with nature. External nature is a mere reflection of our spirit internal. As humans we tend to complicate things, going against what is natural. We are born into a world of conformity, considering we don’t even get to choose our own names. If we stay true to nature, our life will flow naturally just like the water in a river. Our “problems” are not a reflection of nature, rather a reflection of our egos.
Do what desire for yourself because you must, not for others. Success and talent is not something necessarily acquired; it was always within you.You always had the capability to do whatever you set your mind to, it just needed to be released. Carrying out whatever you set your mind to in order to please your natural desires will come with struggle.What you may find extraordinarily beautiful, another man may find so hideous he can not bare to lay his eyes for long. Many will not understand you, and at times you may not even understand yourself. You will never know how sweet the fruits of your labor will taste if you never taste the bitter of life.
Truth is inevitable. It is, and always will be. If you cheat and lie, you are cheating and lying to yourself. This is because it is going against nature. Someone may be fooled by your act, but nature itself watches with entertained eyes. Only positive spiritual growth will come from honestly to yourself and others. You must be brave, and face the unknown. You will never know how bright the light is at the end of the tunnel if you never   took the long walk through the darkness. This endeavor is the walk of the great.


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