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Cora Unashamed

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Cora Unashamed
When first reading the title of the handout I had no preconceptions as to what the Cora Unashamed could possibly be about.   My first thought was, “what was Cora unashamed of?” I have read several of Langston Hughes’ poems, but never had I read a story in which he wrote.   I really enjoyed the story Cora Unashamed and it is very relatable.   In the story Cora was no longer portrayed as a human but more so a belonging of the Art’s. She was only around to cater to their needs and provide them with the help that they necessitate.   She set aside her wishes and even her child in order to provide the funds to support her family.   The story was very straight forward and very to the point.   When I sat down for the first time to read the story the first couple paragraphs weren’t that interesting, but as the story progresses and proceeds to go into more depth I began to enjoy it more.   This story appeared to me as a more nonfiction story because of the sense of realism that is displayed.   The time frame in which the story was told gave off a more emotional feeling because it showed the reader that women were deprived of time for their own children in order to fend for others, and at this point in time it was often white people that were being accommodated.   I believe that the title was incorporated into the story because it clearly states in one passage that Cora was unashamed of life. She was unashamed of the child that she birthed by the white man and she was unashamed to let Mrs. Art know about Jessie’s child. The story states “Cora would have gone on humbly and shamelessly talking about the little unborn had not Mrs. Art fallen into uncontrollable hysterics.”   The major events that took place in Cora Unashamed were the birth of Josephine (Cora’s daughter), the birth of Jessie (Mrs. Arts’ daughter), and the death of the two girls. When Josephine passed away Cora seemed to have accept life as it came and proceeded with her life and raised Jessie as if she...


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