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Capitalism Essay

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Why We Should End Capitalism

Fellow peers and Mr Page, today I present to you the topic of Why We Should End capitalism.
Once upon a time there was a town in which there was an obvious seperation of classes, you were either rich or poor. And unless you were rich you couldn’t gain access to social security or medical care.   That town was called Capitalism.

Capitalism is a system that puts individual before society - one where the perfect ideal is “It’s All About Me.”   In the United States, the top 1% of the population earns more money than the bottom 95% combined.   Despite the claims that it is a country where everyone can pursue the “American dream” without hindrance, the roadblocks of economic class distinction seem to get in the way more often than not.   It’s survival of the richest nowadays.   Instead of working together to help everyone out, we are conditioned to climb that ladder to wealth by stepping on the heads of our fellow man, stealing the ideas of others, creating weakness in the minds of our fellow man through advertising and psychology thus creating need where there should be none and then exploiting that to make profit.  

You either have nothing or you have it all.   There is no middleground.

Basically, the point I’m trying to convey is that extreme-Capitalist countries such as the United States should maybe just learn to play nice.

Capitalism is driven by the weaknesses of the people, not their strength. Lust, greed and envy are the driving forces of the modern consumer-society. And that will never help people to evolve!

because it fails to protect those that are simply not capable of being successful... let's face it, some people are just not capable of being as successful as others, some people are but things just don't go right for them, some people are but they have no means of achieving the success... however they are still people and they still deserve equal basic human rights... everyone deserves equality and fair treatment...


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