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We Should Learn from Different Cultures

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Different cultures have different morals, ideals, and values. During the study of different cultures, we can have a comprehensive understanding of our own culture. So, I agree with the statement of the speaker that to truth understand our own culture, the knowledge of at least one culture is required.

During the study of different cultures we can know the shortcomings and advantages of our culture. Such as the “American Dream”, which emphasize the pursuit of freedom, equality, democracy, ideals and happiness. The spirit of pursuing the dream is worth learning by our people. In addition, since the Columbus found the America in the new world, the spirit of innovation and exploration is infused in the culture of American, and the spirit of innovation and exploration is the absent spirit to our scientist in Chinese culture. There are also some spirit in our culture are inherited. Such as Lei Feng who   served the people wholeheartedly, his spirit is inherited and further developed. And the Confucianism, which is in the leading position in Chinese culture, can benefit for create a harmonious society.

In addition, during the study of different cultures, we can have more perspectives to understand cultures. For example, in American, parents encourage their children to independence and do some work to learn money. But in China, children’s primary task is studying and the law also banned children, less than 16 ages, work to make money and think that case is because parents are not obey their obligations. But there are increasing number of our parents pay more attention on training independences to our children. In addition, Japanese culture character in children’s tough training has their children practice, wear vest and shorts, in winter. In Chinese culture, it is cannot acceptable. However, more and more educators realize the significance of the cultivation of quality of will.

Furthermore, every culture is correlative and there are common points among them. Such...


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