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Cell Project

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Cell Project                                

Now, the world is paying attention for the new *regenerative medical by “stem cells”. I would like to share the fact of researching stem cells during this project.
In 1999, science journal recognized the process of drawing out of steam cells from human body. This event was the third important discovery in biology of 20centry. The cells which make new cells are called steam cell. Also, when the cell is injured or old and weak steam cell replace it with a new one and could replenishment. Stem cells have the extraordinary potential to develop into many different cell types. For example, into muscles, bone, nerve and in all of the other forms of tissues. Cells are able to become any kind of cells, depending to the body needed. At present, the research of how to make stem cell easily and efficiently and to differentiation to other cell is deploring. Scientist and doctors are expecting that we need at least 10years to use stem cells for the treatment to the patient.
One of the typical artificial stem cell is embryonic stem cell. We call those cells that could change to any types of cell “pluripotent stem cell”. Embryonic stem cells are derived from *embryos. The scientist uses embryos for research because embryos have embryonic stem cell and also it is not still completely grown and shaped. Therefore, it is easy to change their shapes and improve by researching with stem cell. The embryos are obtained from the woman who had an abortion or the hospital cooperation and have an offer from other. To make the embryonic stem cell, we have to destroy the embryo. (The condition when the fertilized egg is growing to embryo.) However, if we did not destroy the embryo maybe it was able to grown as a baby. Therefore, some people for instance Italy are debating that this research are taking people’s life cruelly and decadence of moral.

*regenerative medical
One of the medical treatment to make the part that had lose because of...


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