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Importance of Knowledge

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Education plays a key role in life, without it any one could become discontented. Although some, like Bill Gates, dropped out of college and is content, a majority of the time educated people prosper; giving eager young minds the opportunity to fulfill their dreams. People who are well educated have a lot going for them— they could pursue a career in whichever field they dream. People who take education for granted may not have as many things going for them, due to lack of knowledge. Uneducated people may have experience, and yes experience matters but it can only go so far. Knowledge can be gained from experience and if an educated person already has the knowledge, it ’ s almost as if they were on a treadmill of life going two times faster than an uneducated person. Due to a personal experience of observing friends drop out of school, and statistics, education seems to have a positive impact on ones career, and more importantly one ’ s life as a whole.

A common complaint with high school students is the fact that they do not have enough time to do their homework. In the year 2000 American students are holding down more jobs, taking on more household responsibilities, and participating in a greater amount of extracurricular activities than any other generation of American students. As more and more distractions are made available to the American teenager, it is imperative that today's students are aware of the importance of doing their homework. Homework is a necessary component of every successful student's education. By doing homework, a student will learn independent thought, perform better in school, and provide a greater chance for economic success in their post education lives. Students, in order to succeed, must become responsible for their education. In a secondary school setting, students spend less than five hours of classroom time per week in any one particular subject. During this time, the teacher introduces new concepts and skills by building on...


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