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Globalisation and Materialism

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Globalisation is the acceleration and intensification of the movement of capital, goods, information across national boundaries. The onset of changes brought about by globalisation, contributes to achieving and fulfilling certain ideals that people have. Globalisation, has undoubtedly, taken the world by storm and from time to time the thinker wonders – Is globalisation a good or bad thing?

Countries across the globe have managed to achieve boundless economic growth and great progress in a short span of time. Open market ideals are widespread and several countries came together to set up Free Trade agreements. Social liberalism, a concept prevalent after World War II, reached the ears of those a million miles away. The removal of import and export tariffs selectively, attracted foreign investors and multi-national companies to developing countries. With that brings “foreign experience” and knowledge. All these are proof of globalisation at work.

Today’s children moving away from “traditional” ideals and embracing a “liberal and open” mindset is globalisation yet again. Everywhere we look, there are dozens of newspapers, magazines, billboards, television screenings and radio shows supporting the belief that happiness can be engendered by money and possessions. Materialistic spending habits has become increasingly prevalent and today’s society has adopted it as a way of life. Every day, a new must-have item that’s “in” and “cool” goes on screen. Every day, throngs of teenagers beg their parents for more money and go to ever increasing lengths to get their hands on those items – starving, scrimping and saving.

The 3rd edition of the Heritage Dictionary defines “materialism” as the theory/doctrine that physical well-being and worldly possessions constitue the greatest good and highest value in life. Crudely speaking, it just means that materialism is an overt focus on tangible items over spiritual or intellectual values. I use this as an umbrella term to...


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