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For Successful Development of a Country, Government Should Spend More Money on Education of Very Young Children Than University Education

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Education has now become the nation’s concern. Some people argue that government should focus its budgets on young children’s education rather than universities. I concede that young children’s education largely relies on government’s budget. However, university education needs more financial aid to maintain high-standard education and build school facilities.

To begin with, universities have to hire top scholars and professors in different fields to guarantee the quality of education. An good and outstanding professor often demands a high salary, therefore salaries of the faculty take up most part of a university’s budget. Take my school for example, especially the department I am studying in. On department has to pay large amount of money to hire professors who graduated from Yale, Brown, Cornell and other world-famous colleges. They do have some excellent teaching skills, which makes classes interesting and students can understand the topic that the professor is talking about easily. Professor Song, a teacher of economics, is my favorite teacher. Once when he talked about marginal utility, he gave his lecture in a funny and well-organized way by using an example about eating apples. I still remember his easy but meaningful example because it helps me from a vivid image of marginal utility, which is an important term in economics.

Secondly, school facilities, crucial in the university education, are costly. A peaceful environment plays an essential role in a student’s academic development. Universities must build large libraries to accommodate students as well as books and hundreds of advanced computers are needed for students to search for information on the Internet. Students also need to read some latest books or journals to keep themselves informed of what is going on in the world, and esp in their own fields of studies. Journals, such as Econometrica, American students to consult in order to conduct cutting-edge research. During halls or cafeterias and...


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