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Student Should Wear Uniform

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Proponents suggest that uniform policies improve safety. How many incidents of violence related to gang colors have occurred on the playground of Bloomfield elementary schools in the past five years and what was the reduction since the voluntary policy was implemented? How many incidents of 6 to 10 year old trespassers at Bloomfield elementary schools that have been more easily identified with a uniform policy have actually occurred? The policy ‘solves’ problems that don’t exist. Putting a white polo shirt on a school bully will not eliminate the bully; it will simply make more bullies wearing white polo shirts – making it more difficult to identify the perpetrator. Rather than improving safety this policy does the opposite. This conclusion is supported by empirical data that showed a negative effect on the perception of safety by both students and principals in schools with uniform policies.
So the bottom line is that children need to follow certain guidelines as to what they can wear in school.   Let us look at both sides of the argument.
On the one hand, having children wear school uniforms can make it easier for authorities to identify intruders – those who are not supposed to be within the school premises and who may pose threats to the children’s safety.   Another argument would be that the families can save money on clothing as the children would have a set of uniforms to wear day in and day out.
On the other hand, if children already have enough clothes to wear to school, having to purchase new uniforms would simply add to the family’s expenses.   Regarding security, do we really think that children in K-8 would sneak into the school premises and pose a threat to the “legitimate” school children?
I think that personally, I have nothing against school uniforms.   They can be handy – no need to dwell on what the kid would have to wear everyday in school.   But to use the argument that it will make schools safer is, I think, not fair.   There are other more...


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