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Many People Contribute to the Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet Not One Person Is to Blame. Do You Agree

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'Many People Contribute to the Tragedy'.
Essay by Pinkle69, High School, 11th grade, A+, August 2003

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love, involvement, nurse, desperately, interference
Friar Lawrence, the Nurse and Capulet all contributed to the final tragedy in Romeo and Juliet, the two lover's death. Willingly or unwillingly, these people's words and actions caused Romeo and Juliet to take drastic measures, and feel that there was no way out for them in the trapped environment they were placed in. These people's involvement certainly influenced the path that Romeo and Juliet took, and without their interference tragedy certainly may have been avoided.

Friar Lawrence, the Franciscan monk, is respected and trusted by all the characters in the play. As even Capulet states, 'this revered holy Friar, all our whole city is much bound to him'. Juliet often turns to him for counsel, as does Romeo, who sees Friar Lawrence as a friend. He knows of Romeo's constant lovesick woes, and when he professes his love for Juliet, Friar Lawrence dispenses this advice, 'Wisely and slow; they stumble that run fast'. But when Romeo asks him desperately to marry himself and Juliet, he disapproves but still agrees to marry them, regardless of the consequences which he himself warns, 'These violent delights have violent ends'. By allowing the two to marry, he realises that the houses could either be brought together by the joy of their offspring marrying, or turn bitterly against one another, even more so than before. By taking this chance, he is showing an utter lack of responsibility for the consequences that may occur, and the hurt that may be wreaked upon both Romeo and Juliet. He has abused his position as a trusted figure of Verona, and by agreeing to marry the two lovers, he has willingly allowed the wheels to be set in motion for a certain tragedy.

In contrast to Friar Lawrence, the Nurse serves as a clandestine messenger...


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