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Change the World and It Changes for You

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My changes would be that animal cruelty would be treated similarly to child abuse. Hunting would be outlawed aside from subsisting off the land (as in, you'll starve and die if you don't hunt for food). Medical tests on animals would be outlawed or done on an extremely strict basis until better technologies become available. Due to overpopulation and the harm it does to the environment and to us, incentives would be given for people to have less kids. Child-free people would have tax benefits, those who adopt get small tax benefits (if they were large, some greedy people would get kids for money, not to care for them). People who get sterilized will be rewarded with a large sum or a life-long tax benefit (their choice). I would do the exact same thing you said about the penal system. I would reform the education system to be more effective and be more experimental in their methods so we don't stay in an ineffective slump because we don't try new things. Speaking of new things I would put some college level courses like philosophy classes into high schools or even younger and would ultimately try to get our youth to be open-minded about new ideas. The reason for this is because I see in the Entertainment media day after day that people revile anything that isn't original. People prefer movies from the 50s and 60s, video games from the 90s, music from the 70s-90s and they never appreciate the good things we have now, so I would like to change that and the fundamental fear of difference and/or change overall. Not just for that, but so people can appreciate themselves, each other and life more. That is what I would change.


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