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Should School Athletics Be Banned in High School?

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A small but growing number of parents and administrators have been voicing concerns that athletics have taken precedence over school work, and wish to have them removed. This controversial opinion is actually gaining traction with some people, and it would be a shame if it actually found its way to the table. There are a number of reasons that high school athletics are necessary, and should not be banned.
One of the biggest reasons that high school athletics should not be banned is because of the scholarship potential. Many kids end up going to college and getting it paid for thanks to their athletic ability. This is an avenue that would be completely eliminated if high school athletics were banned. College athletics are a huge source of financial aid scholarships in our Country, and we need that resource for our kids.
Another important reason that high school athletics should not be banned is because it allows our children to learn teamwork. Playing for a high school sports team is a very educational experience in and of itself. It teaches the participants about working together, overcoming problems and obstacles, and determination. These are all skills that can only help our students succeed in life after school. No book can teach these lessons, and high school athletics fills that role for many students.
School budgets is yet another reason for high school athletics to continue. They are shrinking every single year with the economy being so bad, and the revenue generated from the athletic department is as important and vital as any other. The elimination of sports in high school would eliminate any chance of money generated by those teams. This money is ultimately a valuable reason to keep high school athletics.
Finally, high school athletics are as much a part of the fabric of high school as the prom, homecoming, and even other school activities such as student government, French club, chorus, and other such programs. Eliminating one would almost demand the...


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