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Effects of Marijuana - Essay

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Marijuana is a mood altering psychoactive drug that has many nicknames such as pot, weed, ganja, sensi, herb, and others. It is an ancient drug that dates back to hundreds of years to Asia. Many cultures have used it during medication, religious worship, and for intoxication. Marijuana itself comes from the Indian Hemp plant. It is the third most widely used drug in the United States, according to a survey taken 1988, and it is the number one illegally used drug in the United States. Marijuana is so popular that an estimate of one out of every three people in the US has tried it. Surprisingly, using marijuana can cause numerous unwanted health effects. No matter the numerous ways of consumption of marijuana, the outcome still results conclusively. Marijuana in habitudinal form effects your: brain cells, heart and lungs.
      The effect marijuana can have on the brain and central nervous system are very serious. Smoking marijuana will reduce the strength and speed of communications between the mind and body. This occurs in the brain and muscles, causing the user to not be as focused. Short- term marijuana use leads to a drowsiness and relaxing effect. This is why marijuana users have trouble remembering things. A heavy dose of marijuana can decrease the amount of blood pumped into the brain. Marijuana also affects the brain's control over muscles, pleasure, thought concentration, sensory and time perception, and coordinated movement.
      How does marijuana effect the heart? I am glad you asked. During the time when the user is high they will have an increased heart rate up to 50% above normal. The amount the heart rate increases depends on the amount of marijuana that was smoked. This will make exercise and other activities seem a lot harder. The effect could be extremely dangerous for a person with a congestive heart or with an irregular heartbeat. A chronic smoker will have a decreased heart rate, often below normal. Risk for heart attack is four times higher...


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