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Scene 1

Mrs. M: Visitors, always Visitors, nothing but, Visitors all day long. I’m beginning to feel like a society matron.

Mrs. M: Tony! I thought you were on the province?

Tony: Is that you Aling Atang?

Mrs. M: Of Course! It’s I. Foolish Boy. Why?

Tony: You don’t like Aling Atang.

Mrs. M: I had a haircut. Think it’s horrible?

Tony: Oh, no. no.. You look just wonderful. Aling Atang for a moment, I thought you were Kikay.

Mrs. M: You are so palikero as ever. Tony but come in. Here sit down. Oh! Hulyo. Tony is here.

Mang Hulyo: Oh! Tony. Come on. Play with me.

Mrs. M: Before that how is your mother Tony?

Tony: Poor mother. She is homesick for Tondo. She wants to come back here at once.

Mrs. M: How long have you been away?

Tony: Only 3 months.

Mrs. M: Only 3 months?! It’s too long for a Tondo native to be away from Tondo.

Tony: Well, you know we engineers are always on call. But as soon as I finish the bridge in Bulacan, we’ll be going here in Tondo.

Mrs. M: Yes. Bring her back as soon as possible. We miss her when we play mahjong.

Tony: That is what she misses most of all.

Mrs. M: I understand. Once a Tondo girl always a Tondo girl.

Tony: When did Kikay arrived Aling Atang?

Mrs. M: Last Monday

Tony: I didn’t know it ‘till I read it in a newspaper.

Mrs. M: That girl only arrived last Monday and look what happened to me! She dragged me to parlor. My hair was cut, eyebrows shaved, nails manicured. And So on.

Tony: You look just wonderful, and where is she now?

Mrs. M: Who?

Tony: Kikay? Is he at home?

Mrs. M: She’s still sleeping.

Tony: Still sleeping?!

Mrs. M: She says, in New York, people don’t wake up until 12:00 noon.

Tony: It’s only 10:00 now.

Mrs. M: Besides she’s busy. Since she came home. Welcome parties here and there. Visitors all day long. She’s spinning like a top.

Tony: Well, will you tell her I called welcome her. And kindly give her these flowers.

Mrs. M:...


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