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Schip Letter to Senator

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Let's see, SCHIP is a program that spends money to give insurance to a majority of children that have families that don't make enough money to get private insurance but make enough to get medicaid. I'm sure you of all people know about this Mr. Senator. I think that this plan has an ultimate goal of well intentions, but would end up harming our country more than benefiting it. I love the idea of helping people but we should find a way to do it more efficiently.

First point I want to make. I should probably write about something else. This subject is out of date and this bill has already been put into effect by President Barack Obama and the previous congress members. The only difference is that the bill that was passed only spends 3 billion less although still covering 4 million more people. The only relatively positive is that the tax has been increased on tobacco products. This can avoid expenses towards cancer/tumor(smoke related illnesses) treatments since people would probably be motivated to quit smoking since it is starting to cost a lot. This might not appreciated to the people who love to smoke even though they are aware of the risks. It reminds me of the tea party where the British charged us a lot for tea and it was like our favorite consumer product. Eventually some of the more than 40million smokers are going to get pissed.

Second, if we are going to spend a lot of money toward a new health care policy, I would love to push towards an all out change. I love the idea of free health care, we just need an effective plan so it doesn't drain us out of money completely.Don't steal this essay. Anyways, this plan should just disappear, it's costing a bunch of money that we don't really have to spend at the moment. Our country has gotten through all sorts of wild and crazy times with out this and we have been fine so far. In times like these we need cut all money being spent that is not completely necessary for us to not cope with.

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