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American Revolution

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The American Revolution

The American Revolution was a very inspiring event that took place in the U.S. long ago. Because of its great importance, it encouraged others around the world to change their government. The colonies determination to beat Great Britian showed many countries that there are other ways to rule ther than having an absolute monarch, or too much power to any specific group of government. Many governments are based off of our constitution.
The revolts that started in the 13 colonies gradually helped the citizens out in the long run. Many of their disagreements started with taxes. The colonists grew angry from being mistreated by King Louie, who attempted to rule from Britian, and is resulted in many rebellious outbursts. The Suger Act led to an economic downturn, on the basis of 'no taxation without representation'. The Currency Act, Stamp Act, Townshed Acts, and Quartering Act followed shortly after. The irratated colonists turned to protests, and soon began picking representatives to deal with all their crisis's. In only a matter of time, an army formed that was under the guidance of George Washington. Amidst all the fighting going on, The Declaration of Independance was signed, on July 4th, 1776. America had given the world a lesson in true democracy, and earned their rights and freedom. As of that date, we became independent because of their sheer determination. The democratic government that was adopted at the time states our basic human rights, that apply to all citizens.
The French Revolution was another historical event that occured as a result of our victory against Great Britian. They attempted to maintain a court system and government like our very own, and failed. South Korea, for another example, is another counrty that uses our ideas. They have a separation of powers, parliment, and court system that is similar. These are only a few that used our government as a model for their very own.
As you can see, our...


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