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ENG 110
Professor Husk
21, September 2011
One Step at a time
Learning how to read and write started off fairly easy for me. I remember the first book I read like it was yesterday. I was 5 years old and I was at home with mommy sitting at my dining room table. As we began to read we made awkward sounds as we sounded out every word we came across. At first when we read it together I barely paid attention because she was pretty much reading it for me. I just sat and repeated the words and pretended I knew exactly what I was doing. Then came the day when she handed me a brand new book. She now expected me to read it on my own.   At first I thought uuhh-ohh this is it she’s going to find out that I really can’t read, but then I thought maybe I should pretend that I know what I’m doing like I did before. I grabbed the book and curiously ran my eyes over each word. Then I barely looked up at my mom, I was so afraid I didn’t know where to begin. Everything was dark and the only thing I can see was the book and my mom’s face. I remember the taste of leftover lolly pop that I had not too long before I got home from school. I looked at the first word which looked very familiar, swallowed and then started reading. I made one of the awkward sounds me and my mom used to sound out words that weren’t easy to say. After I completed the first word I looked up for feedback from my mother. Expecting her to correct me, she smiled and said “very good, continue.” At first I thought this was stupid, she can’t really be listening to me, but as I read each word and looked up mommy remained all smiles. I couldn’t believe this, was I really reading?
Once I felt confident with my reading I started to read often. The best part for me at such a young age was being able to read to others. I loved seeing their facial expressions as I read across each word. Seeing how impressed they were with my reading only made me want to continue.
Then I hit 3rd grade and everything just went downhill. The...


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