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Return to School

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Why I Returned to School
Shanna Salazar
Instructor Angela Olsen
September 12, 2011

          I know one day I will have all the things I want in life. A stunning hot pink Lexus that seats 8, a home with the constant smell of BBQ and sounds of family surrounding it, a reserved spot at the local coffee shop on Sunday mornings, and a company name that people in town say with a smile. All these things take consistency, patience, and responsibility. I also know that all of this is only possible with a college degree. I have made it to the point in my life where I want to move closer to my dreams. I feel like I have out grown this stage of my life journey. These are just some of the things that motivate me to continue my education..
          I have lived a hard life, and made some bad choices. It is hard to become a functioning member of a community when you are a felon and have a history of drugs.   In my adulthood, I have strived to build a new me. I realized a couple years ago I wanted more from life than what I was getting. I have been making changes ever since. Changed my friends, changed towns, and amazingly I seem to have changed my own future. Going to college is just the next step for me. I know that as of today it is also the most important thing.
        People do judge. And that is ok. I just want them to have more to judge me on then my criminal record. I think college will help me to connect with new people, new jobs, and also help me improve on my time management and consistency. I want people to look at me and see the hard work I do, what a smart person I am, and how much I have accomplished. It is hard to find employment with only High School experience and felony’s on record.  
        A major reason I decided to return to school is today’s economy. The jobs that are available to someone without a degree are low paying and demeaning, in my eyes. I hated how I would have to work split shifts, odd...


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