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Witten Analysis Three
Ronald Takaki
English Over Irish (pp-28—30)
Behind the Emigration “John Bull must have the Beef” (pp.132—137)
Irish “Maids” and “Factory Girls” (pp.145—151)
“Green Power”: The Irish “Ethics” Strategy (pp. 151—154)

This paper is submitted in partially fulfillment of Comm 1131 – Intercultural Communication
Normandale Community College
Fall Term, 2010
Professor Willie Johnson

1. What was the English’s attitude toward the Irish?
The English’ attitude towards the Irish was generally an arrogant. They considered the Irish as being less than human and not having a right to their own land. Religion was used to justify a large part of the colonization. The English considered the Irish to be pagans and as “most wicked” people who live “like beasts” outside the civilization. This justified the belief that they were civilizing the lands. The Irish were excluded and made them feel alienated in their home country by the Englishmen. This attitude created that the Irish were prohibited to wear “English apparel and have weapon”. The Irish citizens were terrorized, killing their brothers, fathers, and children then cut off their heads to take as to display as an example for others to be loyal to the invaders otherwise the will be tested as their kinsmen.
2. Discuss the specific hardships faced by Irish workers and discuss specifically how other ethnic groups were used to work against each other. The Irish faced generally many hardships in their country in their immigrated country. But some of the hardships are specifically mentionable to show that how much they did suffer from the English tyranny. These hardships were caused by the English invasion over the Ireland who led “the confiscation and transfer of lands to English colonizers”. After this confiscation, the Irish who were subsisting family owned farms were “forced to rent or lease land from the English landlords” then the landlords started to look a different way of...


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