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NAME: A1C Walker
DATE: 21APR2011

There are many areas to be considered when preparing for a surgical procedure. The following areas are the most basic. Ensure each area is answered completely.

· Name of the procedure and why it is performed.
Rectal Biopsy-A rectal biopsy is a procedure to remove a small piece of rectal tissue for examination.

· Patient position (include equipment, special patient care, etc.)
The patient is positioned in the high lithotomy position with padded allen stirrups and the buttocks just over the edge of the lower break in the table. Arms may be extended on padded armboards. Padded shoulder braces are secured to the table. The table may be placed in trendelenburg position. Bony prominences and all areas prone to skin and neurovascular pressure or trauma are well padded.   The safety strap is placed 2 inches above the umbilicus.

· Skin prep (area and solution used)

Begin with Betadine scrub 3 to 4 inches above the pubic symphysis and extend downward over the labia. Cleanse each inner thigh. The vaginal vault and cervix are then cleansed using spongesticks. The perineum and anus are cleansed with the remaining sponges. Discard each sponge after wiping the anus. Catheterize patient’s bladder with a straight catheter.

· Describe the draping procedure

Drape sheet under the butt, leggings, and laparotomy sheet or drape sheet under the butt and laparoscopy sheet

· Describe the incision(s) (area and instrument used)
no incisions
· List all the equipment needed for the procedure. Include instrument sets, special gear, dressings, drains and drugs used.

Medication labeling kit|ESU Pen, pad|Commonly used Instruments/ Mayo Stand|
Sterile water |Normal saline (0.9%)||
|anoscope|Padded stirrups|
|Perineal pad||

· Type of anesthesia used
General anesthesia

· List...


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