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Five Star Street Food

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Five Star Street Food
What happens when you have low quality paired with five stars? Well, you get something some people absolutely adore and something some people absolutely hate. Think about what would happen if you pair reading with writing. The result is mixed emotions, as some people love it, while others don’t. And that is exactly why I don’t read or write! Actually, let me rephrase that: “And that is exactly why I don’t prefer to read or write.” Strange, no? However, I love reading for informational purposes, especially in order to advance my own goals. Some may call it selfish, but I call it resourcefulness. But the truth is, I’m interested in what I read because it is pertinent to my areas of interest, those being electronics, money, and technology. Some may call it very stereotypical of me to be reading such “guyish” material, but heck, I am a guy.
That being said, three areas of interest are way too many subjects to be reading about all at once. So, I put them all together into one, collective passion: business. Not only does business involve the three aforementioned topics, I adore the concept itself. I plan to go into business after my collegiate studies. Now you may be wondering what “Five Star Street Food” and “low quality paired with five stars” has anything to do with this, but that right there, ladies and gentlemen, is my future. Just keep reading. The whole business passion started on a trip to Cancún, México. On my visit there, I dined at many famous restaurants, but the ones that really stood out were those that not only had high quality, not to mention safe food, but cheap and authentic food as well. That one luminous, brilliant idea all started right there. I realized that not only would cheap, high quality food be a great idea, but that I really do like cooking; hence, I decided that I shall establish my own restaurant franchise.
Since the ingenious idea began, I have been reading hundreds of articles about new and creative...


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