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"just reading and critisizing on QURAN (the book of ALLAH) is easy but to UNDERSTAND it with some body's help can really make u knowledgeable" - Giaidieuxanh

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Personal Narrative
I was born in Texas in the year 1994 to my father, Salvador , and my mother, Angela. RMy father was stationed in Fort Hood while he was in the Army. He served for seven long years and then decided he wanted to start a family with my mother, who followed him around wherever he traveled. Once I was brought into the picture all the fun and travel stopped. We moved to Charlotte, North Carolina a year after I was born. Three years later the three of us migrated to Monroe where I've lived most of my life and where you will find me today. At the age of five I became a big brother to Daniel. Daniel is now twelve years old and is currently attending. Then, three years later my youngest brother Adam was born and you could say he looks a lot like his oldest brother. Adam is nine years old now and Adam is attending. Both of my brothers have started their young careers in sports just as I did. I have two grandparents of whom I love dearly. My grandmother, Nadine Mains, is very dedicated to her grandchildren   and she shows her love for us every time we are together. Lastly my grandfather of whom I was named after, has quite the background; he played college baseball for the Ohio State Buckeyes and played along side many big name players. Later in my grandfather's career he would tryout for the Chicago Cubs which ended sadly due to him injuring his arm.
Throughout my life I have persevered countless obstacles and triumphs that I would say defines who I am today. At the age of six I picked up my first baseball and fell in love with the game. After the first t-ball game that I played, I decided that it was what I wanted to do, I enjoyed every second I played. At the age of eight, I discovered football and basketball and I continue to play all three sports today. The day when I have to give up playing sports will be a sad day for me.   It has been such a huge part of my life and I have so much passion for the game. Right now I am trying to pursue a college...


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