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Success in Human Life

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Success is the most important thing in human life. At first sight, it seems that success is the most important thing in human life. If you ask me, everyone wants to set the Thames on fire, however, first must keep abreast of the times. To be accurate this person ought to be in advance of the rest. Day after day, that individual has to work hard to achieve accomplishment. He/she must take advantage of an occasion, and look ahead. His/her affair cannot prove abortive. He/she is not be able to be absent-minded, must go ahead. At all hours, he/she has to be at his/her best. He/she ought to be above-board to be at his/her best. If he/she has good ideas, he/she must take a chance, and carry them into effect. He/she should come on, and count on himself/herself. He/she consistently must drive at the aim, that not to say wise after the event. This person has to stay face to face with problems, and face the music. He/she must behave honestly to be in favour of his/her future customs, because there is no smoke without fire. Sometimes, as the known proverb says: “Better are small fish than an empty dish”, because there is as good fish in the sea as ever came out of it. He/she may try his/her fortune and make a fortune, but if he/she puts his/her foot in it, he/she will achieve nothing. It will be a flash in the pan, and according to the next proverb: “send a fool to the market and a fool will return again”. For all I care, think that as easy as anything is much speak and little do or give somebody good advices. Everyone must make hay while the sun shines and it cannot be helped. If he/she is used to be on the job, he/she may achieve success. It is said if somebody is keen to do something, he/she will do it. Occasionally it is necessary to stand on one’s head to be able to be successful. Overall, it is essential to get through. Many people think that it is easy to attain achievement. In my opinion, they are in the dark. It is required not to fall from bad...


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