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Daily Report

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Work Details :
First week (May 9 to May15) :
Getting a good grasp on python, numpy, the different libraries being used in ISTARE
- Focus and detailed study of background subtraction, human detection, connected component analysis
Started trial.py - my own code for working and getting grasp of the libraries
Using colour space edge and colour space dt
Saving video as images
Detailed study of segmentation and the algorithm used; getting familiar with the code
Knowing superpixels and supervoxels; and their code

Second Week (May 16 to May 22) :
Detailed study of segmentation and the algorithm used; getting familiar with the code
Playing with masking videos, segmenting videos
Segment and save the masked videos as frames
Saving the superpixels into files - uff!! this was hard work!!
Convert the whole string of frames into video, with white background
Using the colour space edge of some frame that involves movement, and then superimpose the segmented image of that frame on it. Deviced two methods - none that good!!
Discussion with David and Julian - HOG detector

Third Week (May 23 - May 29) :
Reading the paper - Object Detection via Boundary Structure Segmentation - Ben Taskar;
Reading Hough Transform - discarded atm
Understanding the code of BoSS and creating own masks for runnning; installing matlab
Earlier masks created didn't work because they were being converted into rgb (from grayscale) when they were cropped. So, changed them back to format 'L' using terminal.
Creating own models/masks; running them on image
Friday - discussion on Taskar's paper
Developed chordiogram for circle, equilateral triangle and isoceles triangles (over the weekend)
Discussion with David and Caiming - Normalised cut

Fourth week(May 30 - June 5) :
Developed code for using more than one models (one circle and one rectangle) on an image, and then combining the result depending on some distance constraints. (Yippie!! that was...


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