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"Crash" the Movie

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The movie “Crash”, directed by Paul Haggis, illustrates the racial stereotypes that exist in the present day American culture. The characters’ lives are impacted by the decisions one another make based on these racial stereotypes. Throughout the film, different races ‘crash’ with each other, creating conflicts that are a constant part of culture in the modern United States. Although the movie gives examples of many different races conflicting, it appears that the main focus is between minorities (blacks, Hispanics, Asians and Arabs) and whites. This film reinforces the idea of racial tensions between minorities and whites and shows the audience that there still are conflicts occurring between the races.   Through just a handful of the many characters in the movie the viewer can see how “Crash” breaks down the barriers of these stereotypical relationships to show that no matter one’s ethnic background, everyone can co-exist in the world and that no body is perfect, everyone has flaws.
In the beginning of the movie all of the characters are shown in their respective racial stereotypes.   There are black car thieves, bad Asian drivers, rich white people, and Arab convenience store owners, or so they seem. Following the stereotypical opening, more characters are introduced going against the usual ethnic stereotypes, a wealthy black man, an honest working Hispanic and an unbiased rookie police officer. The mix of characters collide with each other to show who every character truly is through their choices, whether they are good or bad.   In the end, every person is responsible for his or her actions and every person is left with a different, but connected message.
Anthony (Chris "Ludacris" Bridges) is an African American inner-city car thief who steals vehicles for money. He believes that society is unfairly biased against blacks, and at one point in the film he justifies his actions by claiming he would never hurt or steal from another black person. However, Anthony...


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