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Abortion .

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Laura sits in the back of the taxi cradling her stomach not saying a word, the driver in unaware of what has just happened. Her mind wonders and all she can think about is what could have been, she daydreams of holding her newborn baby in her arms and gently combing its hair with her fingers, but that will never happen now, Laura just had an abortion. At the time it felt right but now all she feels in emptiness. Thousand of women experience those same feeling every year, and although they walk into the woman’s clinic agreeing with abortion, most leave with very different feelings.

Millions of women have had abortions over the years and despite the controversy most people make the pregnant woman’s right the only right to be considers in this ordeal, but what about the rights of the unborn child, or does he or she have any rights and   is the fetus a human being or just a simple piece of tissue. Now that is the question and it still has no real final answer, in society’s eyes that is. Although in both scientific and biblical perspectives abortion is proven to be wrong.

The Scientific perspective has shown through genetic studies that even though the unborn child is dependent on its mother, they actually are separate and unique. At the moment of conception the characteristics of the new individual are set and this new being is not an extension of its mother but, rather a unique person.

To conclude, while abortion may appear as a convenient was to end an unwanted pregnancy, it is in truth ending an innocent life, and that is why in my opinion abortion is both morally and ethically wrong.


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