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Why digital cameras are better than film camera?

In the past had photographing. The basic of photograph while light controlling for arrive at film these are photography as camera. They are use a lot of process, over time and expend for invent and develop cloud be well photographic. Now the digital camera can save time and money. While digital camera trenstaring of data to the computer, safe times but digital camera not endure
To begin with camera film and digital cameras are all the same principles. That is the lens shutter to the image. Principles of the images taken can taken both as a film camera or digital camera ,different in that film cameras that use chemical processes in made the picture but digital cameras use the computer to process the images.

              The second camera film and digital camera that have a similar mechanism to work. The structural design of the camera too. Function as a mechanism by which the lens are responsible for central the time light for sensor Different in that the camera is just a mechanism different gear motors when move the film. But digital cameras are inside. Is much like a computer circuit board.
The last film and digital cameras that have the same objective is to shoot. Therefore, it is designed to use the same both cameras can shoot the same with the same method Different in that the user will use the pictures. Film cameras must be processed in a chemical lab. The digital camera must be used to process computer.
In conclusion the past, that photo is difficult. If not professional photography would be difficult to have someone who knows that to do chemical processes. We can see in the context Digital camera better in that process with the computer because faster than chemical processes, Film is better in that regard because of the mechanism that there are very durable and not circuit complexity, Digital is better in that application because the image process in the computer can reduce time and costs a lot. Now...


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