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Compare the Ways in Which the Poets Present Conflict in ‘Presents from My Aunts in Pakistan and Other Poem.

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Compare the ways in which the poets present conflict in ‘Presents from my aunts in Pakistan and other poem.
Both poets write about their inner conflict about where they live and how it has affected them. They write about how they have struggled living where they live, and sadly both poets end with no resolution. In ‘Presents from Aunts in Pakistan’ the narrator sums up her feelings about no sense of identity or nationality and in ‘Not my business’ the narrator expresses his concern that people may not care about other people’s situation, as long as they can carry on with their own lives as normal. Yet it can happen to anyone.
Both poets use structural devices to enable the reader to gain greater understanding of the narrators feelings for e.g. in ‘Not my business’ it is shown visually that the poet is distancing himself from other peoples situation apart from the last stanza where he is not able to distance himself from the situation as it has come for him, this technique reinforces the message that we cannot ignore injustice just because it does not affect us, as it is short sighted because, eventually injustice affects everybody. Also in ‘Presents from Aunts in Pakistan’ free verse is used to emphasis the authors conflict to define and expresses her feeling about her identity, at the beginning she describes the contrast between the Pakistani and English culture in every way possible, for example   the bright colours of the salwar kameez, “peacock blue and another glistening like an orange split open” this symbolises the Pakistani culture but at the same time it shows the conflict between the two culture and how she doesn’t belong to just one culture.
In ‘Not my business’ the write uses repetition to justify his point about his ignorance towards the situation where people he knew were getting taken away.   He uses very colloquial language when expressing his opinion, he says ‘what business of mine is it so long they don’t the yam from my savouring mouth?’ this...


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