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Self-Assessment In My Celebration Of Becoming A Nurse

To maximize our human potentials, it is important to assess each of our beings: physical status, mental status, emotional status, our relationships, our choices and our spirit (Dossey & Keegan, 2009, p.158). I believe that personal or self-assessment needs a person to reflect based on its experiences and methods available. I have found then myself that after going through the self-assessment questionnaires in the book (Dossey & Keegan, 2009, p.159-164), I discover myself of which aspect in my life consist of my strong points and somehow partly needs to be improve.
I also have read a journal that according to it, Dewey believed that education should help people think better, and he perceived reflective thinking very much as problem solving (Kenny, L., 2003,p.105).   Further in the journal identified the six thinking hats. The six thinking hats have different colours and each colour represents a different way of thinking. De Bono suggests that these six thinking hats represent every basic (domain) of thinking ((Kenny, L., 2003, p.107).  
The six thinking hats ((Kenny, L., 2003, p.107-110)
  1. The white hat
  2. The red hat
  3. The black hat
  4. The yellow hat
  5. The green hat
  6. The blue hat
This journal had helped me more discover myself and made me more reflective as to what I want to do in my life in reflection to my desire of becoming a nurse.
Myself Assessment
When I went through all the self-assessment questionnaires, I found out that I am the type of person who has high self-esteem.   I am the person who is independent, courageous, brave and has endurance.   I am a person no matter what is the outcome in any circumstance I do not regret and considers the situation as a way to learn and improve something.   I am the person with perseverance, hardworking and open to new ideas because I believed learning is a way of knowing things continuously. That is why I value...


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