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Quick Analysis of the Denver International Airport Conspiracy

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The Denver International Airport Conspiracy analyzed

One of the many claims made by the DIA conspiracy theorists is that a secret organization of Nazis (or “Satanic Jews”, Reptilians or whatever) built the airport because the shape of the airfield supposedly resembles a swastika:

A Full aerial photograph of DIA.

A swastika

A trace of the DIA

For starters, there appears to be an extra “limb” on this piece of “Nazi iconography”.   Calling this a swastika is like calling the Star of David a Satanic pentagram.   In fact, while reading the news a long time, I came across this building in San Diego located in the Coronado Naval Base that does look like a swastika:

The reader should note that this building does not resemble the pattern seen in the aerial image of the Denver International Airport.

Another bit of “Evidence” that is used by the conspiracy theorists to prove a “connection” between Nazism and the DIA.   Look at this image:

Some DIA conspiracy theorists claim that this is a reference to the German phrase for “black sun”, which is strange because the German word for black is, “Schwarz” and I do not see that word anywhere in this stone engraving.   In fact, the phrase “DZIT DIT GAII” is supposed to be Navajo for a white mountain.   “dzit” means mountain and “gaii” means white.   I am not too sure what DIT means but I am sure that this entire phrase is not remotely European.

The last piece of evidence against the DIA conspiracy theorist’s claims that the airport is in the control of a secret organization of Nazis are the murals.   You can look at Leo Tanguma’s website of his murals to see if they resemble the “Aryan ideal” or the Nazi’s dream.   Now, here is the huge problem that I see right off the tip of the bat with these murals and the...


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