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Reflections a College Freshman

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These past few days, I realized a lot of things about life, school, family and everything else in between. But I honestly think it’s odd that the busier I am, the more I tend to be more sentimental and sometimes even critical about everything.
First of all, I realized how important optimism is in my life right now. According to the book “The Secret”, we attract everything in our life; the things that are happening to us right now, we are the ones who attracted it, good or bad. So if I think that I will fail my Math exam tomorrow, then my mind will actually fulfil this premonition without me knowing it, it’s similar to the psychology term “self-fulfilling prophecy”; hence, even if I do study for the exam, there is a bigger chance that I will fail because I already set my mind to that notion that I will fail.   And I do believe that if I think of negative thoughts, negative things will also happen to me. I also realized the importance of keeping good company at all times, like my friends who are always there to cheer me up and support me in everything; their positive energies are overflowing, and they really help me encourage myself to work harder than ever.
Hell week is already here, and I’ve been spending my nights trying to jam all of the school works in one night; I know it’s impossible, but I sure love to try. And just like any other student, I tend to procrastinate a lot; I always have this urge to satisfy my wants before I fulfil any task. Many people say that this is a bad thing, because I waste my time on sometime that can be done later on instead of something that should have been done a long time ago. However, I daresay that procrastination has given me some advantages when it regards to my work progress. At first, I really thought my habit of procrastinating is utterly a bad thing, but I realized that once my cravings for other things are satisfied, I am more energized to work on my projects. When I am happy, everything just keeps on flowing out of my...


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