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Compare the Features of Nazism and Fascism

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The resentment over the treaty of Versailles of Italy and Germany contribute to the rise of Totalitarian dictatorships, both of them rose for similar reasons at 1920s and 30s respectively. In hisroty, Both Nazism and Fascism are obvious examples of totalitarianism, and they both introduce one-party dictatorship, anti-communism and racial superiority. Besides, there are also some alike features between them, and that’s create a misperception to the people that most of them think Nazism and Fascism are exactly same thing,just the countries which adapt the totalitarianism are different. However, Fascism and Nazism, though similar in many regards, have many aspects to them that make them different from one another. These primarily include their political, economics, and gender issues . Furthermore,an outlook on the status of the state and nation makes Fascism and Nazism slightly,different from one another.
Coming to the etymology, fascism comes from fascio, an Italiam word, meaning a union of bundle. Nazicm comes from the first two syllables of National sozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, which is the German language name of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party.
In order to gain a further understanding of these two political ideologies, I will explain and compare the two into three aspects,which are political,economic and social.

For Political Aspect, The first similarity is Both leaders of Nazism and Fasxism,Mussolini and Hitler establish a one-party dictatorship

Both of them believe that there should only have one party to direct all activities of the state, and the total control over the people’s lives.

For Fasism, The fascists believed that there should only be one party-THE Fascist party-to direct all activities.This party need a strong leader pr a dictator,who knew the interest best.He should have total control over the people’slives and all other parties were regarded as enemies of the state and therefore should be banned.

The same...


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