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Three Epic Deeds of Beowulf

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Cody Busa
Mrs. Meyer
English III
18 September 2010
Three Epic Deeds of Beowulf
In this classic story of a hero called Beowulf, Beowulf sets off on a journey that includes three huge feats or deeds.   This story, passed on orally for generations includes epic battles, major triumphs and involves various monsters.   The three deeds, the killing of Grendel (the monster), the killing of Grendel’s Mother (the somewhat mythical and powerful creature) and the killing of a dragon take Beowulf from one end of Kingdom to the other.   Beowulf starts his epic story by traveling long and far to the land of the Danes after hearing about its King’s troubles with a monster named Grendel.   Knowing he can defeat the monster and continue to build his glory in history drives him toward this quest.   But it’s the differences between each of Beowulf’s feats that deserve further examination in this review.  
After arriving to meet King Hrothgar, Beowulf learns of all the men lost in the kingdom under the terror of Grendal’s wrath. The king hired many heroes previously, all failing to kill the monster and save the town from this terror.   As king of the Geats, Hrothgar hopes Beowulf will finally rid their kingdom of Grendal. Beowulf faces Grendal and kills him in the mead hall; the place where the people come together and celebrate life in food, drink and song and the setting of where Grendel sought his monsterly deeds.   When Beowulf finally faces Grendel’s mother to seek revenge for killing his men, she retreats to the sanctuary of her home, where she possesses the upper hand.   It is through sheer heroic providence that Beowulf manages to overcome his disadvantage and kills her with her own device.   Along this second journey, Beowulf is exposed to the reader for the next motive that drives him.   We see him as the great and prideful hero, wanting to be recognized for killing a creature that was somewhat mythical, to gain fame.   The second reason was to save the town. The town feared...


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