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The Canibal Curse

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the cannibal curse

Bonny Hunger was with child during the long hard winter of 1701, she and her husband Todd
lived alone, fifty miles from their closest neighbor. Their only horse had died a month before in
the accident that still had Todd laid up with a broken leg. And to make matters worse, they ran
out of food three days before, and another blizzard was blowing across the Oklahoma plains.  
Weak and desperate for food, Bonny waited for Todd to fall asleep. Softly she crept across the
cold dirt floor of the tiny cabin, picked up the hatchet and swinging it, she attempted to
decapitate her husband. He turned on the bed lifting his hand above his head as he did so. Blood
splattered over her face, startled by the screams of pain, and the evil curse that spilled from his
lips, for a moment she could not move.
  “I am sorry Todd, but I am hungry. The child is hungry!”  
“Damn you and the child to hell woman! Before it is grown, may the bastard be cursed to eat
human organs for all eternity, and be the death of you?”
A rage like she had never known came over her, and the next swing of the weapon was straight
and sure.

Spring, 2005  
“Hey Joey wait up, you know I can’t run that fast!” Sixteen-year-old Bobby yelled as he
struggled to catch up to the younger boy.  
Bobby wasn’t like the other kids in the neighborhood, and it wasn’t just the fact that his legs
were supported by awkward braces, or that ten year old Joey was his only friend, that made him
seem so different. However, if you asked anyone in the neighborhood, what made them keep
their distance from him. The...


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