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Many Parts of the World Are Losing Important Natural Resource, Such as Forests, Animals, or Clean Water. Choose One Resource That Is Disappearing and Explain Why It Needs to Be Saved. Use Specific Reasons and Examples to Support Your Opinion

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In the recent decades, population explosion in world has caused the exploitation of natural resources such as forests, clean water, air and etc. Also, as we see through the history of human life, we can perceive that water was, is, will be the significant element in mankind’s life. Besides, in the classification of country in order of their water resources, my country has been classified as a country with low reservoirs of freshwater. So the future challenge of my country will be the shortage of clean water resources.

It is worth noting that a man can survive without water just for few days. This can prove importance of water in our life. Because body needs water, as an intermediate, to metabolize the energy sources which have come into the body. Besides the need for it, the purity of water is also of great concern, since contaminated water can cause serious infections and diseases. That is why many environmental agencies have imposed more restricted regulations on water purity.

Moreover, countries spend a staggering amount of money to treat water resources, annually. The water shortage compels them to improve their treatment systems which can impose inordinate costs on them. Also lack of water can lead a country to import water from other countries which increase annual costs too. Hence, running out of clean water will have economic implications on countries.

Additionally, political implications will be there as a result of water shortage. As soon as countries have understood that they are facing lack of water, they will start to search for exotic freshwater resources. If we study history of the world, we can see there were countries which had faced with this problem too. Like past, in the search of water, disputes and wars will begin among the countries which can bring about hostility, famine, diseases and other problems to our world.

To sum up, water deficiency is a global crisis that human will face in early future. Also my country is running...


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