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Cellular Respiration

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Usefulness of Fermentation
Anaerobic exercise
During vigorous exercise, oxygen is consumed faster than it is needed. Additional ATP energy is provided to the muscles by glycolysis and the result is a buildup of lactate in the muscles.
When lactate builds up, the blood pH drops and the muscles fatigue.
At rest, lactate is converted back to pyruvate (the oxygen debt is repaid). This is why you continue to breathe hard after you have finished running or rapid stair climbing.
Respiration would be higher in the mammal since they are warm-blooded and endothermic.
If respiration in a small mammal were studied at both room temperature (21oC) and 10oC,what results would you predict? Explain your reasoning.
 Respiration would be higher at 21degrees because it would be necessary for the animal to maintain a higher body temperature. Theresults would proliferate at 10 degrees because the mammal would be required to retain its bodytemperature at an even lower temperature in comparison to room temperature.
Respiration Rates among exercising and resting crickets
Josh Dimand and Breanne Bruffle
CU-Boulder: Fall 2002
We tested the effects of exercise on the rate of cellular respiration using crickets as our model system. Based upon prior experiments, we found that more oxygen is required in the skeletal muscles of the human body during exercise. This is due to the fact that as more energy is used during exercise, more oxygen is required in the human body to fuel cellular respiration. Cellular respiration produces energy in the form of ATP and releases CO2 is a byproduct. Based on this information, we hypothesize that more energy is required among crickets during exercise and therefore predicted that the rates of respiration would be higher among exercising crickets than resting crickets.
In order to test this hypothesis, we placed eight crickets in a spherical beaker and attached a probe sealing the container, which measures the concentration of CO2. We allowed the...


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