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Asian Kitchen

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1. Introduction
1.1 Subject and Motivation for Report
This report describes the incident involving an accidental fire in the kitchen of Sea Point restaurant. Probable causes that have emerged will be discussed as well as a report of the incident, and possible solutions to the problems experienced by the staff.

1.2 Background to Investigation
On 5 August 2011, a fire broke out in the kitchen of a Sea Point restaurant called Asian Kitchen, in which 5 staff members were severely burnt. As a result the Department of Labour has requested a report on the incident as well as an investigation into the possible causes in terms of Section 24 of the OHSACT.

1.3 Objectives of Report
The objectives of this report are to:
- Provide details of the account
- Describe safety conditions and procedures at the restaurant
- Draw conclusions based on findings relating to the safety conditions at the restaurant, as well as the cause of the fire
- Make recommendations as to how similar accidents could be prevented in the future

1.4 Limitations and Scope of Investigation
This report focuses on how the conditions of the staff’s working environment may have lead to the break out of the fire. It is based solely on interviews with members of the staff and in no way speculates on the scientific investigation of the events that occurred. This report is based solely on the single event which occurred on 5 august 2011, no other events were reported.

1.5 Plan of Development
The report begins by providing a brief account on the events leading up to and during the fire based on interviews conducted with two members of staff. It then looks at conditions experienced by staff with regard to safety precautions, or lack thereof. Conclusions are drawn on the probable cause of the fire and recommendations are made in order to reduce the risk of a similar event in the future.

1.6 Method of Gathering Data
Interviews were conducted with the chef at the restaurant...


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