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Book of Job - Essay

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The Book Of Job
The Book of Job is a book in the Old Testament of the bible. It talks about a man who had everything a person could want in life. Then, unexpectedly it goes away. The main question to ask throughout the story is: Why do bad things happen to good people?
Job was the wealthiest and happiest man in the entire area. He owned many herds of animals and employed many servants to tend to them. Job also raised 10 children, seven sons and three daughters. When the sons had birthdays they would celebrate in grand fashion, and when the celebration was over with Job would sacrifice a burnt offering in place of his sons’ sins.
Satan paid a visit to God from Earth. God started to brag about his servant Job, and how good he was. Satan remarked that the only reason he is good to you is because you give him anything and everything to live a very successful life. Satan is then told he is aloud to take away Job’s wealth but cannot harm him physically. All of Job’s children were dining at the oldest brother’s house when bad things began to happen. All of his livestock had been driven off or burned. Each different section of his land that things happened to only one servant survived to come and tell him the news. Another servant came and told him that a whirlwind came and collapsed the roof on his son’s home and killed all of his children. Job stated that God brought him into the world with nothing, and now he can live and die with nothing.
Satan came back again on another visit, and again God bragged about how Job was the finest man on Earth. So he said that a man would give up anything to save his own life. God told Satan to do whatever he wanted to him but he had to live no matter the outcome. Job was plagued with boils. His wife wondered why he was calm about it. She told him to curse God’s name and die. Job persevered and told his wife that people only receive pleasant things from the hand of God and not anything unpleasant.
Job was visited by three of...


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