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Why an empty bowl you ask?   For us it symbolises how so many are forced to go without as a result of the greed that traps people into falling prey to corruption.   So many suffer for the misdeeds of others.   Why is this?   It is precisely this attitude of:   "It does not effect me so why should I get involved!"   It effects everyone! We all need to get involved - for the sake of our children's well-being and many generations to follow.   Here is our story.

I am a family man who dared to break the mould on the stereotype of how a South African is perceived.   My family and I made the decision not to sit idly by and be part of the problem, but rather be part of a possible solution.   I am the most proud father - having taught my children that Integrity, Honour, Faith and your values and beliefs should never be sold or bought - no matter the cost.   It should never be compromised!   I stand tall as a proud Son of Africa!!

We reported dealings of corruption and misconduct involving Landbank officials and other institutions.   We are in the firm belief that when one is in the Public Office - it is for service to the people and not self service!   Though our decision has led us to severe suffering and hardship, we remain steadfast in our stand to combat corruption and to see justice done.   We strive to put into action a system of good governance that works for the good of all people and try to encourage others to do the same!  

"The well-being of our Nation and our country as a whole should not necessarily be judged on the strength of the Rand against the Dollar or Pound, or whether our shares do well on the world's stock markets, but should be judged on its most important commodity - its people.   The most precious of all our natural resources - Our Children!" - Marko and Debbie Vogler

Sadly we are failing at the above sentiment as the direct action needed to secure the futures of our children and our people as a whole is not being taken seriously or not being...


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