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Manpower Trends 2011 India

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  1. Jobless ness officially 8.1 %= 34 million who are part of the labour force but cannot find work.

  2. World knows India growing global rich list, foreign acquisitions and army of trained professionals who have proven their skills in almost every corner of the planet.

  3. Back home it remains a nation of millions of under privileged- unemployed, under employed or working at minimal wages as unskilled laborers.

  4. Over 30 million cannot find work despite being in the labour force

  5. Another 25 million are officially under employed though the actual number is several times larger.

  6. National sample survey organization NSSO, Indian workforce is 416 to 466 million. Lower fig is those who look for work every day and higher is for those who join in the year.

  7. Experts believe that better quality emp would draw this temp workforce to work ona sustained basis.

  8. Concealed unempl, assessing the emp sit in India is ticky due to complex nature of labour market, social factors, part time workers, seasonality of work, under employment, social factors restricting women to work- under utilized.

  9. All India work participation rate is male 50% and female 17%. No work throughout the year.

  10. 25 million usually emp but NOT full year the percentage of women is 64%

  11. Over all 84% of days ina year are economically emp.

  12. Females find less work due to social and economic reasons.

  13. Emp is NOT a passport out of poverty.

  14. 41.6% of the population earn less than international line of $1.25 a day in purchasing parity power.

  15. Its NOT new found entrepreneurial confidence but desperate self employment going into the poverty trap.

  16. 55% of males and 58% females are self emp.

  17. Urban India is 43% males and 42% females.

  18. Agri contributes 14.6% of GDP against 50% in 1950s.

  19. Agri remains mainstay of all sectors yet its average income is lowest in all...


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