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Career Match Maker Assessment

Jobs Given!

Avionics Tech, Aerospace Engineer, Interior Designer, Astronaut, Industrial Designer, Auto motive Service Technician, Stationary Engineer, Diesel Technician Nuclear Engineer, Race Car Mechanic, Exhibit Designer, Chemical Engineer, Craftsperson, Potter, Electrical Engineer, Heavy Equipment Technician, Website Designer, Video game Developer, Office Machine Repairer, Chemist, Business Systems analyst, millwright, industrialist machinery Mechanic, Cytotechnologist, Pharmacy Technician, Mining Engineer tech, Geologists, Electronic Engineer Tech, Inventor, Power plant Operator, Electrical Engineering Tech, Optometrist, Computer engineer, Physicist, Environmental Engineer, Engineering Tech, Astronomer, Water Treatment Plant Operator, E – business Consultant, Civil Engineering Tech.

The Jobs Given In My Order!

1. Aerospace Engineer – This as a matter of fact was the job that I was already interested in before doing the Career Match Maker.
2. Avionics Tech – I chose this # 2 because, I would love to get a job that relates with planes.
3. Astronaut – This is one of the most exotic jobs, and I would think of my self as a lottery winner, if I actually get in to this career.
4. Inventor – Being an inventor could be cool thing but also hard at the same time, but thinking about the fact that you could get so popular if you invent something cool.
5. Engineering Tech – An Engineering Tech would also be a pretty cool job because it relates to making something.
6. Physicist – I chose Physicist as my #6 because I find physics very easy and fun to do!
7. Computer Engineer – Computer Engineer would also be a pretty cool job because you can make software’s and would know so much about computers.
8. Nuclear Engineer – Nuclear Engineer is a pretty nice job because you work in the advancement of Nuclear Technology.
9. Chemical Engineer – Chemical Engineer is a great job, but yet very hard, but like I said I am interested in...


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