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The Titanic

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The Titanic was a very luxurious ship, the largest ship in the world, believed by its builders and the general public to be “unsinkable”. It was designed by Thomas Andrews, head of Harland and Wolff design department. The Titanic was the second of the three ships to be built by Harland and Wolff of Belfast, Ireland. The main reason of why it was built was to provide passage between Europe and North America for people from all segments of society. The reported cost was 7.5 million dollars. The Titanic measured at 883 feet long and 93 feet wide, as high as an eleven story building. The Titanic was designed to hold 64 lifeboats; it contained electric elevators, a swimming pool, a library, a gym, and a grand staircase that led to the rooms above. It was comparable to the finest hotels in Europe.
On April 10, 1912, the Titanic set off on the much publicized first voyage from Southampton, England, to New York. Right away the Titanic came close to potential disaster.   As it was leaving the port, the suction it caused the S.S. New York to potentially collide with the Titanic, but there were tugboats that raced out to the scene to prevent it from happening. Some people on the Titanic felt this occurrence to be, “a bad omen”, which it probably was. The passengers shook this off and moved on.  
On April 14th, four days into the trip, the Titanic went through the North Atlantic waters and received a total of seven iceberg warnings. In spite of this report Captain Smith chose not to slow down and continue through the voyage. The lookout for the Titanic was a seaman named Frederick Fleet. His job was to warn the crew if any danger was coming. At 11:40 at night, Fleet spotted a dark shape, which he identified as an iceberg ahead. As he shouted to the crew on the bridge, they were able to avoid it. However, it passed along the ship's starboard side leaving a series of gashes at least 250 feet long. Immediately as this took place, the crew called for evacuation of all...


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