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The Uglies

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1984 Compared to the Uglies Series
Imagine a world nothing like what we live in today, well that is exactly what the authors of 1984 and the Uglies series did. 1984 and the Uglies series both depict a time vastly different then the world we live in today. Both have a very different representation of the past, manipulation of the government, and freedoms of the people.
In 1984 the past is unidentified. The people of Oceania have no idea of what the past was like because the Inner Party and Big Brother have used brainwashing and elimination of the people that know too much to keep the past a secret.   In this case the Inner Party create a controlled past only letting the information they want the people to know to be let out.
In the Uglies the past is not unheard of. When the children under the age of 16 go to school they learn all about the past. The portrayal of the past is that the Rusties, or our generation of people, created a device that in the end killed everyone in the world and also created ongoing environmental problems. The government is not all good however, during the surgery to become pretty the surgeons destroy part of their memory so they will not question the past or what they have become after the surgery.
In 1984 the manipulation of the government plays a great role. The government has complete control over the people of Oceania, mostly because of their manipulation. The government uses torture, murder, and terror to get exactly what they want forms the people. For example in the book the goverment use Winston’s worst fear, rats, to get him to betray Julia.  
The Uglies government uses the desire to be pretty to achieve everything they need. Everything in an Uglies life is to turn sixteen and get the surgery to become pretty and move to New Pretty Town. So when the government threats to take that away they would do anything to get it back. For instance, when Tally’s friend runs away to another civilization, Tally betrays her friend telling the...


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