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You Left Me

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You Left Me

Standing here, looking at others holding hands together on the sacred day of love, made my heart clench. It still hurts-so-so much...It was because of those wounds that never seem to heal, the ones that feel as if they'd been inflicted only yesturday, when in fact- Its been almost ten years.

I held him so gently in my arms; as if he were made of fragile glass and could break at any moment. His black hair was matted against his cheeks, his green viridian eyes closed, his pale hand clutching mine. But even with his unusual colorings, that was not what stood out the most. What stood out the most was the way his midnight hair was clinging to his cheeks because of tears, his emerald eyes were closed in pain, and he was clutching my hand so desperatly because he was afraid to let go.

And i felt his pain, with every gasping, shuddering breathe he would take in, with every small cough in which he would lose more crimson blood. But I felt that I was hurting even more, because although I was not hurting physically as he was, I was hurting so, so much inside, because I knew that all I could o was sit helplessly as I watched my most precious person die, slowly, painfully, with nothing to do but hold him tight against myself and savor the precious few moments I had left with him.

He would smile weakly at me, constantly reassuring me that it wasnt my fault. But I blamed myself the most for acting so careless. Then he began to close those memsmrizing eyes of his ever so slowly, whispering his last 'I love you' to me, I felt so numb and heart broken at the same time that I didnt notice the tears that began to flow down my cheeks as I held him even closer and tighter than before, burying my face into his dark locks. And his beautiful green eyes shut forever and his head lulled against my chest and I knew...he was gone.

I was detatched, even more than usual, afterwards. My best friend was silent for weeks, as well , mourning for the loss of the man who was...


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