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In a beautiful morning
Helen wakes up, has breakfast and then gets dressed for school. Because the students at her school wear cassual clothes, choosing clothes always wastes her time. And so is today. She goes to school late.
At the break time, Helen meets Tina
Tina: Why do you go to school so late?
Helen: Haizzz...Because of choosing clothes.
T: Uhm, I think we should wear uniforms at school. They're beautiful and very comfortable.
H: Yeah, that sounds great. I think so too.
T: Firstly, uniforms encourage students to be proud of their school because the uniforms bear their school's name.
Secondly, uniforms make students feel equal in many ways like economic level (students from poor families dress the same as students from rich families) This can prevent envy and jealousy about stylish clothes. In another way, it encourages students to form friendships based on personality, not clothes.
H: And I think uniforms can reduce unequal treatment by teachers. I've read an article has research suggests that teachers often have higher expectations for more attractive students, which include those students with nicer clothes. This special attention can include providing more challenges and opportunities for these students. Uniforms help teachers make judgments based on ability, not appearance.
T: I really like your ideas. In addition, wearing uniforms encourage students to feel like a part of a big group. Their feelings of being together, working together and having something in common are all helped by uniforms.
H: Finally, very important is wearing unforms is practical. We don't have to think of what to wear every day. Don't have to spend much time. I'm not late, too.
T: Those are what I think
H: Oh! Time's up
T: Let's go to our class


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