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Government 1

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AP United States Government and Politics Categorical grants: are grants issued by congress, often times required to match a portion of federal funds. They may only be spent for narrowly defined purposes. Revenue sharing: Congress gave an annual amount of federal tax revenue to the states, cities, and townships. State officials favored Revenue Sharing. It lost federal support in the Reagan adminstration and was replaced with block grants. Block grants: a large sum of money granted by the national government to a regional government with only general provisions as to how they may be spent. Contrasts with categorical which is strict on spending provisions. Mandates: power granted by an electorate; the group of people entitled to vote in an election. “constituency”. Theories of Thomas Hobbes & John Locke: Thomas Hobbes and John Locke both had different views of the social contract theory. Hobbes believed in the natural order that provided no governments and would most likely result in a chaotic short life. In this version, the people would contract with the government for protection and order. Once the people signed the contract, there was no backing down. Hobbesʼ beliefs were centered around his favorable views of a monarchy. On the other hand, Locke believed people are entitled to life, liberty, and property, and it is the governmentʼs duty to provide these rights. This belief contributed to his support of the overthrow of the king by parliament in 1668. To be sure the government is doing an acceptable job, the people have the right to overthrow the government if they are not guaranteed these rights. John lockeʼs theory was put into use around 1775-1776 during the formation of the Declaration of Independence. During this time, the American colonists were not being given their un-alienable rights and wished to overthrow the government. In rising against the English, Americans followed Lockeʼs principles in establishing their new government. Marx Communism : is a specific...


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